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Introducing…… YOU!

Soul Body Ojai is a Healing Center Collective. We are a community. We are a place for new beginnings and established deepening. We are four rooms and a mission. We are a space for teachers, practitioners, students, and clients. We are supportive, cohesive, and compassionate. We are space-holders. We are this for our clients and we are this for each other. Our space is your space, too.

Are you a healer or teacher seeking the next evolution of your practice? It is very possible that the Soul Body Ojai community may be a fit for you. Whether you would like to reach more potential clients, have a healing space available to you 24/7, or simply have a supportive family of practitioners around you to share the journey, Soul Body Ojai is a potential partner to your work. Our contractual space rentals begin at $100/month and include a place on our website, an introduction via our twice monthly newsletter, online room reservation system and private access code, linen, tea and water service, and COMMUNITY. We have an optional business support group for those interested in becoming more active in newsletter creation and advertising, as well as sharing our collective journey. Our Teachers’ Family is supportive of the emotional, spiritual, and professional growth of each one participating and has become a beautiful inner circle of wisdom. We are free to choose our own way within the flexible and nourishing container that is Soul Body Ojai. Free to create, to share, to grow, and to be ourselves. If this sounds like a fit for you, check out the possibilities here: Join Our Team

We are curious about who you are!