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We are emerging from over a week of rain and mountain snow here in the Ojai Valley and were gifted with a real Winter experience this month.  The weather coincided with our Annual Winter Attunement Cleanse, which teaches the fundamentals of this season’s medicine and how to care for our deep layers…the adrenals, kidneys and bladder.  The Winter season naturally invites us inward, to sleep a little longer, prepare warm and nourishing meals with extended cooking times, spend time in our homes and with family and friends, and most importantly, invites introspection. 

In Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, we are given tools to work with the seasons.  This time of year is supported by self care and nourishment, warm meals that highlight local foods like soups, stews, winter vegetables like squash and roots, and robust and warming beverages.  The color black and deep blue is highlighted in cuisine, from black beans and sesame to the more traditional black bone chicken.  Keeping the lowback warm and adjusting your supplement regimen to support adrenal health is also a wonderful way to utilize the medicine of this season.  Here at Soul Body Ojai, we are offering specials this month to help you widen your self-care practices. 

From Acupuncture Facelifts and Energy Medicine to Kundalini Yoga, Trauma Transformation, and Qi Gong to uplift you, we will hold the door open for your wellness. Beginning in February, we will have classes morning and evening each day during the week and plenty of weekend workshops to choose from. The Yogi Tea is warm, and so are our hearts.  
Included this month is a free video on Winter Health Practices, too.  

Winter Health Practices from The Art of The Daily Practice on Vimeo.

To Your Continued Health and Wellbeing,