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There is a notable crispness to the mornings now.  And the marine layer stretches into the valley like a cool blanket, a living thing made of dew.  The local apple trees are coming ripe.  The plum trees and sycamores in the valley are just beginning to turn to color and there is a welcome release beginning to happen here in Ojai.  While it will be sure to warm up again (perhaps as you read these words!), there is still a gentle,  yet definitive reception of Autumn now.  And we are grateful.

Autumn is the time of release.  An easing and celebration of the natural manifestation cycle.  There is a discernment calling…what has been created now begins its graceful decent into the deeper layers of the self.  What is not received on this layer is given away to seed the next cycle, through relationship.  Being in conscious understanding and interconnection with is process is key to living a healthy life, in congruence with the cycles of the Universe.

Here at Soul Body Ojai, much of our work is to support that interconnection so that healthy living becomes even more a hallmark of the mundane and everyday.  It provides a supportive and consistent grounding in a time where everything seems to be changing quickly.  A daily practice, self care, community, and self work all have a flow.  We hope that our presence in your life helps you to find the balance and flow that is inherent to your life.

In celebration of the season and in support of you, we are offering a rare gift.  Our annual Autumn Attunement Cleanse with Tara Matthews, L.Ac is a hallmark of our seasonal offerings. It is an experience in seasonal attunement with deep investigation into seasonal engagement through diet, yoga, introspection and community.  An elegant synergy of earth medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, yogic philosophy and integrative thinking, the Autumn Attunement is a favorite course that is not to be missed, year after year.

This year, we are offering it as a gift.  For this one time, it is included in your subscription at our sister site, Soul Tribe Online.  Simply register for a monthly or annual subscription, ask to join the Autumn Attunement Tribe, and get ready to go on October 19th!  Tara will give you the rest of the information. Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at anytime, but do hang around long enough to complete the 21 days, enjoy our yoga livestreams and recorded classes with our talented teachers, get to know the community, and see what shifts for you.  We have a feeling that it could be a wonderful experience and we are excited to have you along for the journey!