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LOVE.  It’s so simple yet why is it so difficult?  When did we lose the innocence of love?  The ability to love with no conditions, to feel it so fully in it’s purest form.  We had that purity when we were children staring into our mother’s eyes.  As babies, we understood it’s formlessness, timelessness, and limitlessness but then we grew up and began to place boundaries and conditions around it.  It seems that we do that to control it, but that is exactly the opposite of what love is. You see love is not a thing, rather it is a frequency.  Yogi Bhajan shared with us “human love is for one thing only.  To love your soul, then the infinite world around you will be in love with you.”

Our real work in this life isn’t to fall in love, rather it is to love yourself so fully that one can tune into the vibration of love just by being in your presence.  Have you ever wandered into a group of children playing and felt happy?  Or maybe your heart opened as 2 people embraced across a crowded room.  Perhaps you began crying in someone’s arms even though you just met them.  These are all examples of being held in love. I know it seems complicated but really it’s not, it’s the little things that can build a collective love awakening on this planet.  But, it has to start with you.
At Soul Body Ojai we are awakening to love and offering transformative and heart-opening classes, teacher trainings, and retreats. Please join us for a special Love Awakening class on Feb. 15th,  or in March for Kundalini Level 1 Teacher Training, or the Ojai Weekend Spring Retreat.  

We are ready to serve you as we all awaken to LOVE.  We invite you to join our movement.