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We are enjoying the beautiful weather and gathering up the blossoming energy of Imbolc here in clinic and in class.  There is a burgeoning and a blossoming that happens in the winter after the rains begin and other than the chilly nights, the feeling is very much Spring-like as the days lengthen and the valley fills with light and flowers.  We do hope you are feeling hopeful, too, as February opens.

We have two wonderful in-person and online trainings happening within the next month, and a new practitioner (Jana Mariana) joining our healing community!  Tara and company are off to see the Whales in Baja in two week…gong, tacos, and yoga next to a warm Oasis.

If you are here in Ojai or coming up for a visit, make sure to schedule your self-care and private soundbaths ahead of time for the most availability.  It is the best time of year to visit, in our opinion….everything is green and blooming, water flowing and the doors are open and waiting for you.