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Gong Therapy Weekend with Mehtab

Fri, Jul 21st - Sun, Jul 23rd @ 2:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Soul Body Ojai

206 N. Signal St. Suite M
California ( CA )

Gong Therapy Weekend with Mehtab

July 21-23 • Ojai, California • Soul Body Studio

Gong Therapy Certification Training with Mehtab

FRIDAY 2pm to 5pm • SATURDAY 9am to 5pm • SUNDAY 9am to 1pm • $495

Gong Therapy is a certification course in using the gong and the practices of yoga to create a therapeutic environment and transformational experience for physical, mental, and spiritual excellence.

The training is suitable for sound healers, yoga teachers, gong players, and therapists from all backgrounds, and will give you the tools and information to conduct one-on-one private sessions for individual clients as well as suggestions for using the gong as a therapeutic instrument in a group setting.

In the Gong Therapy course, you will learn:   

  • The Basis of Sound Healing and Yoga Therapy
  • How to Structure a Gong Therapy Session
  • How to Play the Gong Therapeutically
  • How to Prepare the Gong Therapy Environment
  • How to Conduct a Gong Therapy Session
  • How to Use Mudras, Mantras, and Postures Therapeutically
  • The Considerations for Using Gongs for Healing

The last day of the course allows you to design and offer a gong therapy session to another student, as well as receiving your own gong therapy session in return.

Course includes a copy of Mehtab’s book, Gong Therapy, and a certificate of completion in Gong Therapy.

Playing experience with the gong is required, or completion of the Gong Basics training Friday morning.

Gong Basics with Mehtab and Tara

July 21 FRIDAY • 9am to 12pm • $75

Learn the basics of how to play the Gong in this hands-on course in a studio full of gongs!

The Gong Basics course s for yoga students, sound healers, and therapists who have little or no experience in playing the gong, and for those who wish to receive certification in Gong Therapy.

This course will teach you –

  • The basic mallet and striking techniques
  • The primary playing areas of the Gong
  • Playing positions for the Gong
  • Elementary playing sequences
  • Controlling volume and experiencing rhythm
  • Selecting and taking care of your Gong

You will be able to play different sizes and types of gongs to discover which types of gongs and mallets that you like best.

No playing experience or musical background is required. Space is limited to allow individual playing time with the gongs.

About Mehtab

Mehtab has trained gong players in twenty countries and has used gongs for yoga and healing for 25 years. He is the originator of Gong Yoga and the author of Gong Yoga: Healing and Enlightenment Through Sound, published in eight international editions and translations. His book Teaching Gong Yoga is the first book on using yoga practices with the gong, and his book, Gong Therapy, has been used in courses worldwide by yoga teachers, sound healers, and therapists. He is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and has led over fifty KRI yoga teacher training programs in the US.


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