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We are energetic beings living a human experience. And so our self care needs are both the tending of our body and the tending of our soul.

As a massage therapist, psychic medium and intuit, Faith has the ability to see where trauma lies within your body and is able to release it through her massage work as well through dialog during the massage practice.

At the age of two, Faith began to see ghosts and spirits. She saw them when she was awake and they visited her in her dreams. Faith began to work with clients at the age of 14. She would help families connect to their loved ones who are no longer here. Faith’s abilities to help the living connect to the unknown are unique in that she can point where the entity is standing and those she works with can often feel their presence.

Becoming a massage therapist was a natural extension of her gifts. The massage work allows Faith access to the human container that holds the soul’s experiences.

Faith has helped people throughout her life with pain, discomfort, self-esteem issues, and relationship trauma. She offers a variety of massage techniques; deep tissue, pregnancy, shiatsu, energy, Swedish, reflexology, and her specialty—healing massage, as well as one to one psychic sessions and group and family psychic sessions.

Learn more about Faith and you can reach out to here at 805.450.1642 or through her website.