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“Know thyself…. To thine own self be true.”

“Know thyself” originally was inscribed into a stone of the Oracle of Delphi, Apollo Temple. Socrates also shared this quote; which, later inspired Shakespeare To thine own self be true(Hamlet).

This combined quote left an impression on me in high school. My lifes journey has seem to spiral

unconsciously and consciously around its multi-level meaning. I always loved school and enjoyed learning to help other people. As a result, my many years of education included nursing, social work, psychology, and naturopathy as well as indigenous wisdom traditions. I had learned a lot about others; but, I had yet to really learn about myself.

I had an opportunity to go to what was then called the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University). This was truly the beginning of learning about myself. After graduating, I continued with post-doctoral studies in Eastern medicine (Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine). Eastern medicine became a path for continued self-knowledge and development. I realized that as we learn about our true self, our Higher Self; there is seemingly unlimited potential. This includes healing/unifying duality; individually and collectively heart co-creating via our intention, voice, and vision; and the capacity to communicate, be in communion, and harmonic relationship with the Mother-Father Creator/Goddess- God/Source/ the Divine and all of creation.

Over the years, I have worked with clients as a guide accompanying them on a portion of their personal self- knowledge journey. I co-create/hold sacred space for personal and group self-healing (including community ceremony and liveceremonial art/theatre). It has been profound witnessing how people are able to self-heal; simply by learning about themselves and applying their own wisdom and knowledge. This self-knowledge has led to insights, awareness, and empowerment to heal and resolve issues that were negatively compromising their mind-body-spiritual health, wellbeing, and prosperity–quality of life.

“Know thyself…. To thine own self be trueseems to be more in my thoughts as I expand my work

throughout the United States and abroad. How can co-creating/holding space for more people to go within and bring forth their self-knowledge/wisdom contribute to multi-level healing (individuals,

couples/partners, families, communities, the Earth)? I look forward to witnessing the unfolding of this as more and more people are seeking and finding ways to bringing more light into this plane. Love and Light always.


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