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Nina (she/they) is an Advanced Certified Akashic Record Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and an accredited KRI Kundalini Level One Yoga Teacher.

As an empath, Nina empowered herself by using tools such as meditation, kundalini yoga, energy healing, and the akashic records to tune into her intuition, body, and feelings after years of disconnection, dissociation, healing from trauma, and often feeling lost and stagnant.

It is her greatest wish for folks to be their own teachers and healers, to know and trust their unique intuitive channel and to exist from a place of wholeness, living out their purposes each and every day, and co-creating with spirit.

We are multifaceted beings, and Nina’s work guides you to access all the aspects of you as well as soul level truths if you’d like to dive deep.  Oftentimes there may be a limiting belief that blocks us from remembering.  It is her role as a guide to hold space and help you remember your wholeness.

Working with energy healing and the akashic records is a deeply intuitive and personal experience. You will work together with Nina to illuminate what you need on your unique path to healing through the wisdom of your body and your guides.

Nina loves cooking, plants, dancing, and communing with the natural world.

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