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What are you yearning to manifest in your life?  Do you have dreams that are waiting to be birthed into existence?  We all have wishes and desires- but sometimes it seems difficult to get from here to there.  Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed that we will not be able to achieve what we desire.

If you are ready to commit to your dreams then follow these steps into the future of your creation.  These four principles are simple yet powerful tools to help you achieve your heart’s desires.

     1. Get clear on what you would like to manifest

The universe will bring to you what your inner heart wants most.  The more precise you are about what you want to create- the easier it will come to you. You probably have many ideas of things that would be great to achieve or to have but when you get clear on exactly how you would like that to show up in your life- then space is created for your desire to materialize.

Make sure to spend time clearing any fears/blocks around receiving these things.  The universe picks up on your energy and if you are saying you want to one thing- but your subconscious is still afraid of it on some level- then you will not be able to manifest it.  Our subconscious is often the one that runs the show- so clearing out all your fears, past pains, and resistance will help to allow your dreams to easily flow toward you.

     2.  Anchor your prayer into the physical

Start working toward your dreams by being creative.  When you are creating something, you are engaging your imagination, your playfulness, and your birthing abilities.  When you create something in the physical world while praying and declaring what you desire then you will anchor that energy into the physical realm.  There are many ways to do this- a few examples are that you can make a vision board with photos, create a special altar in your room, or design a mandala outside in nature.

   3.  Be consistent with your prayer

Once you have your conscious prayer and you have created something in the physical- then you need to continue to hold that prayer in your heart.  Be consistent with it.  Keep the same prayer every day- visit with your altar or look at your vision board and continue to hold your prayer close to you.

     4. Become your prayer

“Make your future dream a present fact, by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” -Wayne Dyer

If you want to manifest something- then act as if you already have it.  You become your desire.  You start to live and breathe and act as if you already have this in your life.  When you can step into the frequency of that vibration- you will then attract the very thing you desire.

For example: if you desire a new car.  Imagine you are driving that car- how does the steering wheel feel in your hand?  What are the smells coming through the window?  What music are you listening to as you drive to work?  Use your imagination and pretend that you already have it.

A potent time for doing this is while you are lying in bed at night.  If you imagine the feeling of having your dream fulfilled- then you will spend the night anchoring that dream into reality.

We hope these steps help you to achieve your dreams.  Work with these steps for a few months and let us know how it turns out.  If you need any support feel free to reach out to one of our practitioners to help you achieve your goals.  We are here to help you to remember your brilliance, and return to your true self.  We want to lift you up into the light so that you can fulfill your soul’s destiny.

Happy Manifesting!

Alison McKelvie Eakin