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Jennifer Marcaccini, one of our senior Soul Body Ojai Yoga Teachers, describes why a retreat is such a valuable experience.

I’m so honored to be hosting another Ojai Weekend Retreat.  It has gotten me thinking about why time away is so important.  Here is my #1 reason why I LOVE retreating.

When I feel exhausted, stagnant in my life, stressed, or am unclear on life’s direction I know it is time for me to invest in myself.  I have learned I need time away to unwind the inner fog that is clouding my ability to operate from my highest self.   The tool that helps me clear my subconscious and release fear and anxiety is kundalini yoga and meditation (KY & M).  I look for a day or weekend immersion where I can dive into these yogic tools and deepen into my life experience.  Retreating offers me space to see my whole life and embrace all of it. The tragedies.  The transformations.  The messes. And the miracles. It’s all there all the time, but like you, I get caught up in my daily responsibilities and commitments.  What I have come to understand is that withdrawing from these things is not an escape rather it is a necessity.  The change in environment helps you quiet your mind and change your perspective, and relax into this beautiful life.  

Relaxation, whether it be through retreating or something as simple as a 3-minute meditation is a key to creating a purposeful life.  This month we are offering a meditation that is designed for everyBODY and it can be done anywhere.  Doing this meditation 3, 7 or 11 minutes a day will help you quiet your mind and release fear.  Please let us know how it goes for you.

Practice Meditiation

15BF0E16-8D54-480F-9414-34BAE9215E83.TRIM from Jennifer Marcaccini on Vimeo.