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Hello- I’m Alison McKelvie Eakin and I love being a part of Soul Body Ojai.  I’ve enjoyed working here since its creation about 3 ½ years ago.  What I love about Soul Body Ojai is the community of like-minded people who hold a shared vision for making the world a better place.  Soul Body Ojai is a wonderful community of conscious people who are interested in having a safe space for people to express themselves, to allow themselves to feel their feelings and to connect with others on a heart-to-heart basis.  Thank you for being a part of Soul Body Ojai.

As a student and practitioner of the healing arts for over 20 years, I have traveled the globe in order to study with and learn from many masters.  I lived in India intensively studying yoga and pranayama.  I have journeyed through the amazon and I have visited holy sites across Asia and South America.  What I have learned from all of this seeking- is that the answer lies within.  It is within our own hearts that we each hold the keys to our healing.  When a person can begin to recognize their own brilliance- when they can see and feel and experience their true Divine self- then healing occurs.

This is one of the core principles I teach.  I hold space for people to reconnect with themselves.  To feel their inner-most feelings.  To experience the light of their soul.  I am merely a witness and a guide for people to heal themselves.

Another core principle that I believe in is creating healthy dynamics within all our relationships.  This includes how we interact with the Mother Earth, with our family, friends and ourselves.  When we can create balance within our relationships then harmony can be restored.  This is a key to happiness.

There are many ways to climb a mountain- and there are many ways to God/Goddess/Great Spirit.  When a person can open their heart, letting go of all attachments and the ego- they will begin to merge with the universe and return to Oneness.  To be one with the universe and also to know your own energetic feeling- these are the paths that I walk with my clients.

Before moving to Ojai, I lived in Colorado and ran a small biodynamic family farm.  I home birthed my three children in a cabin that their father and I built.  We raised our children in this one room off grid cabin, living on the bounty of the land.  Our homestead consisted of a small herd of dairy cattle, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, chickens and pastures.

Today I am living on a mini homestead here in Ojai where I homeschool my children and strive to create a better world for them to inherit.  Gratitude Gardens is the home of our family- myself, the three kids and their father and his partner.  We co-parent and co-create a homestead that provides food, clothing and shelter for the children.  My children learn about ancestral skills such as brain tanning, plant identification and soil microbiology.

I approach life from a Holistic Management perspective.  How can all parts be happy, healthy and whole?  I strive to find balance and bring harmony within all my relationships.  I am committed to helping people connect with the Mother Earth, with their food, to find their life’s mission and to reconnect with their true essence- with God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Higher Self.

It is an honor to live here in this sacred Valley of the Moon (Ojai, Ah’whay) and I give thanks to the ancestors of this land, giving thanks to the mother earth, the father sky and all our relations- Thank you, I love you.

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