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Soul Body Ojai is pleased to welcome one of our newest practitioners to our amazing and growing team.  Baleigh Bender is a California native, born and raised in the central coast. She has been highly sensitive and intuitive for as long as she can remember. Feeling a deep connection to nature, animals and all walks of life. With a natural sense of compassion and love for all things, she was drawn to understand the inner workings of people and study anatomy and physiology. It all started as a young girl growing up with a chiropractor as a father. Her interest in the human mind and anatomy fascinated her. But yet she felt there was something more to it. Something grander and deeper. She started diving into the realm of spirituality as a teen. Understanding the concept of chakras and meridian points and other energy spots on the body. She began to read energy and feel energy off of her peers, realizing that not only was she an intuitive, she is also an empath. She is able to feel and absorb other people’s emotions or emotional states of being.

A few years later she began her career as esthetician. She worked for a company in LA, at the front desk, for almost a year before they considered her for the spa. She asked the manager to give her a chance to experience her touch and facial. Baleigh was put in the spa section the next day. That was when Baleigh’s intuitive and empathic abilities blossomed. Working so closely with people, one on one for an hour at a time, day after day, unlocked something deep inside of her; A connection to her higher self. A realm of pure intention and love. She was able to tap into each chakra point on her clients and feel the energy and assist in realigning the energy channels. She could she the colors of each chakra point and started receiving intuitive guidance and messages for her clients. This inspired her to learn more and understand what all of this meant. She then found herself stumbling upon the study of Ayurveda. She felt an instant knowing and connection to this ancient practice and lifestyle and began educating herself further.

At this point in her life she felt she needed to work for a company that supported her ideas of true healing. The body, the mind, the heart and the energetic self. This is how she ended up in this unique and special little town of Ojai. She was able to get a job right away at a holistic spa that helped and supported her life path as an energy worker and propelled her forward to where she is now. She worked closely with Ayurvedic herbs and oils as well as micro current and bio-electrical metals, tools and modalities for the past 2 years, deepening her knowledge and expansion of the healing arts. She naturally became interested in reiki and reflexology, and is now licensed in both. Wanting to do something with her acquired skills and insight, she followed her intuition and began volunteering at an alternative cancer treatment center, without knowing why she felt so called to it. She knew very little about cancer, not having anyone in her immediate circle with any cancer related ailments. She just followed her intuition. After two weeks of volunteering, she found out that not only did her uncle have cancer, her father did too. Then sure enough two months later, her brother informed her that he also had cancer. Now faced with these life changing factors, she found her calling and purpose in life: To dedicate her gifts, abilities and knowledge to the highest good of man kind and service to humanity.

This is why Baleigh has created this unique and one of a kind service. She figured out a way to combine all the things she has learned, acquired and loves into her facials and energy work. In her services she combines the healing arts of Ayurvedic herbs and oils, reiki, reflexology, Ayurvedic modalities such as kansa, sound healing and intuitive touch, massage and messages for her clients. She believes we all have the power to heal ourselves. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance or a new perspective. Healing is a give and take and a never-ending journey. We are all students in life, and we are all teachers. Baleigh hopes to give new insight into all those she works with to see their true selves and connection to the highest source of healing…LOVE.

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