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Danielle Livpriya is a bodyworker with an array of healing explorations. She is skilled in Bodytalk, Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Biodynamic Resonance, Medical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Sound and Color Healing, and Kundalini Yoga. She facilitates one on one and group sessions. Danielle connects with the body-mind system, energetic fields and movement, and feels what wants to be balanced as a priority in the present moment. Her practice wakes people’s self-healing mechanism, allows for transformation, integration, and shifts the quantum field. Group sessions have arcing themes that energetically translate personally for your own rewiring, optimal energy flow, and restored communication. All practices are held in sacred space.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, light touch practice that assesses the movement of the bones of the cranium and sacrum, the cerebral spinal fluid, the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord and connective tissues; frees restrictions to create more symmetrical movement; and brings balance to the nervous system and body. Craniosacral Therapy follows the body’s guidance and we treat what we find. Some challenges CST benefits are: migraines, chronic neck and back pain, depression, trauma, lengthy dental visits, stress and tension disorders, ADHD, autism, longevity, and is helpful for dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is also used as a proactive wellness plan to support healthy cognitive functions and help prevent Alzheimzer’s Disease. We flush the brain of metabolic waste and encourage fresh cerebral spinal fluid to flow through the brain. This stimulating flow of cerebral spinal fluid keeps the brain young, vibrant, and healthy. I encourage everyone to receive CST for wellbeing and freedom of movement.

Zero Balancing
Zero Balancing is the most grounding practice there is. Just a short session instantly transforms and roots. Zero Balancing follows a protocol from feet to head and head to feet, working at interface which creates a healthy boundary. It feels like acupressure on the bones. ZB moves stagnant held energy in the bones by holding focused points or fulcrums and using gentle traction. Your bones let go of stored energy by the integrity of a clear force. It is an expansive practice that connects you to your foundational nature, leaves you feeling refreshed, present, integrated and in your bones. I get a weekly ZB and it has been life changing. It is an amazing practice to balance you anytime- especially in times of transition, intense thinking, planning, working, and trauma from the subtle to deep. Zero Balancing connects your energetic body to your physical structure; where you feel space, perspective, and breath to relax and be.

Bodytalk uses applied kinesiology and a protocol to restore and rewire optimal communication lines. It is a full spectrum practice that opens to all branches of teachings and experience, balances consciousness, thought, emotion, elements, chakras and meridians to organs and bones. Your body tells us what wants to be balanced and healed. We bring it to awareness and it’s shifted in the quantum field.

Biodynamic Resonance
Biodynamic Resonance is a quantum practice that supports the body’s bio-computer, uses applied kinesiology and energetically programmed vials of water. It gives your body resources to shift by introducing healthier energetic relationships with sources of consciousnesses that allows your body to break patterns, let go, and receive.

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