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From a very young age Faith has had a connection with the spirit world. She would talk to the spirits, cross them over, and allow them to be heard by telling them she saw them. She specifically told them what they looked like, so they knew they could share their stories of how they died with her. 

By her teenageyears she learned how to create boundaries with them, where she then started to connect the living world with the spirit world.  She would connect the living to their spirit guides, loved ones, and friends.  Faith has seen the spirit world her whole life.

Faith also has a gift of healing, when she was young she would start massaging family members feet or arms.  She would notice pain, and then would start to move the muscle around and the person who she was working on would say it didn’t hurt anymore. 

Faith then realized she wanted to help people psychologically and physically, so she went to Massage School where she got her massage license, which allows her to work on anyone who is seeking her gifts. 

Faith is an Inuit, healer, and psychic medium. With all of these gifts she knew she was meant to help those around her who are stuck, and need clarity on their own life.  Faith has a special gift in her massage, she energetically sees pain on the body that she is working on and removes it.  She sees the pain as past experiences that have been either traumatic or unresolved.  She then expresses what she sees to the person whom she is working on. The pain is no longer there. Faith is a listener; she listens to you and allows you to feel safe with her. 


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