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Lepeng is a certified Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master and a massage therapist with intuitive understanding of people’s emotions and energetic patterns. In 2002, she fell in love with Yoga and meditation practice. Inspired by world-renowned yoga teachers, she started to teach yoga in 2011 after her yoga teacher training in Hawaii. In her late thirties, she started to experience and understand the benefit of Qigong movement as she became more in tune with the subtle flow of  energy patterns in her body. Lepeng has taught Yoga and Pilates classes in yoga studios and gyms where she witnessed that many people, especially older people struggle in typical Yoga and other strenuous workout classes. She designed her movement classes to help people to enjoy movement in a way that feels good, flows the energy and trains the mind. The typical class starts with gentle Qigong practice to open up energy channels in the body, then you move through gentle yoga poses to strengthen and stretch the entire body. You feel relaxed and recharged after the deep relaxation on the mat. The class concludes with either 15-minutes meditation or Reiki healing experience.

As a sincere spiritual aspirant, Lepeng also loves music, making arts and travel. Lepeng is passionate about servicing the world through her healing gifts. She is here to help you relieve physical and emotional pains through movement therapy, bodywork and energy healing so that you can return to your natural equilibrium and well-being.

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