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“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.”  ~Robert Gary Lee

We all have experienced many different types of pain throughout our lifetime, from broken bones, to broken hearts. Some of us have gone through cancer or supported loved ones through cancer.  We have all had bouts of depression and anxiety while some of us are clinically diagnosed with it. The fact is no one alive is immune to experiencing pain.  

When we go through these types of pain, there are also many different types of strategies to deal with the pain. Prescription pain pills, home remedies, and a multitude of mind, body and spiritual therapies have been created to deal, cope, manage, mitigate and heal all of the pain we go through as humans.

While it’s great that we have all these pain strategies, did you ever think that pain has a purpose? Pain is a signal that our incredible bodies create to tell us to drop that hot pot before you burn the skin off your hand!  And like Robert Gary Lee said, the purpose of pain, if you choose so, can give you so much wisdom.

So when we hear inspiring and uplifting stories about how someone overcame their pain, the insights, the growth, the wisdom, it brings so much hope, and possibilities. Other people’s triumphs can change lives. This is the reason why my dear friend and I created the Heal Your Pain Expert Online Series. We wanted to learn more from other practitioners on how their pain led them on their healing journey to eventually help others get pain relief. Each one talks about how pain has a deeper purpose, it has something to teach us. 

We interviewed 20 experts ranging in the fields of: holistic health practitioners, business and writing coaches, psychologists, hypnotherapists and of course Reiki and energy healers.  These professionals talked about their personal stories about healing their own pain and sharing their knowledge and wisdom to help you. We chose to do this in September because it’s National Pain Awareness Month. 

Some of our speakers were diagnosed as children with diseases such as ulcerative colitis, scheuermann’s disease, Lyme disease, and scoliosis.  Along with these medical diagnoses, these speakers also talked about getting off prescription painkillers, how depression and anxiety ensued. For some this led to using alcohol to escape the depression and anxiety.  

On the subject of emotional and spiritual pain, some of our speakers suffered emotional childhood abuse, depression from financial ruins, grief from the loss of loved ones and animal companions. Others spoke of ignoring their spiritual gifts, while others were confused about life purpose and stifling their artistic expressions. 

Each of these brave speakers talk about their long journeys out of these challenges and we asked each one to share a technique that they use on themselves or in their healing practices to help ease physical, emotional and spiritual pain. So each interview has some kind of brief guided meditation or technique to bring you peace in your mind, body and spirit! 

In each interview you will not only get a healing experience, you will also learn new perspectives on healing and relieving pain.  I have personally gained so much more insight and a renewed commitment to creating more loving thoughts when I am stressed or in pain.  

I know the topic is pain, but we still managed to find some humor, so it’s not going to be just a bunch of somber interviews, it’s all about reminding you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to remind ourselves that it’s there!

Here is exclusive access to the first video just for our Soul Body family. In this video we discuss with How to Soften Pain with Frans Stiene.   Frans is an author, public speaker and Reiki Master Teacher..

The Heal Your Pain Expert Online Series is a free event that runs Monday-Friday each week in September. Register here to get access in order to stream the interview in either video or audio format.  One interview will be delivered to your inbox each day and you will have 48 hours access to view or listen. 

We are not saying you can live a pain free life, but you can definitely manage and heal your pain. I hope you join us and find your own A-HA moments.

~Sharmila Mali

Self-Love Coach and Mentor