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We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times.  The comforts that once adorned our life with familiarity have been replaced with opportunities for new beginnings and life rhythms.  At Soul Body Ojai we are feeling all the feels and navigating it with a sense of wonder and possibility.  That is not to say this experience does not come with challenges because it does on so many levels. Financial and emotional to name just a few.  However, our team is leaning into what has helped us move through everything in our business that seemed bigger than us at the time.  We have learned that you don’t have to like your current circumstance but you can become flexible enough to comprehend it.  Once you do this you will begin to transcend it, and with this understanding, we are capable of living fully and freely.

Please join Jennifer Marcaccini and her husband, Giancarlo as they gather virtually Saturday, April 18th and 25th from 1:00 pm – 2:00 p.m. (Register Here) to explore this topic and gather in a community.

Jennifer has included a special meditation practice that will help you experience yourself more deeply and fully during these unusual and unique times.